Last Day

This morning we’ve dispersed along this mountainside in order to say goodbye for now to our home away from home. There is always a certain heaviness that characterizes this final day in Agora. 

We started our morning with a few sun salutations that faced the snow caps. As we stretched, women walked by with baskets nearly-identical to the ones we have been carrying on our backs with our host families, and we silently thanked Agora and its people for these remarkable few days. 

We are all better because of this place. Maybe we know more. Certainly we question more. Mostly, though, we realize how significant and small we are in these mountains. 

4 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. Did anyone get up to Dodital?
    Know it’s so difficult to leave after such a long journey but such a short visit. Anxious to hear the many stories and details of the time spent in Agora.
    Now it’s off to Port Blair. Safe and comfortable travels oh happy wanderers.
    The blog has been exceptional so far but would love some pictuses when you can.


    1. Dodital wasn’t in the plans this time around. Instead there was a day trek to the river and through the valley. I’ll definitely add photos when we have enough internet to do so! Here’s hoping that’s in Delhi.


  2. Based on what we’ve been reading this week, Agora and its people have once again opened wide the eyes of our students and faculty and got them living and thinking in new ways. Nice work, trip leaders and citizens of Agora.


  3. Thanks, Maura, for the explanation. Dodital next year, maybe. Thanks for the pictures, too. Already looking forward to the trip video sometime in April! I’m sad you’re leaving magical Agora but here’s to a memorable exploration of new areas in the Andamans. God speed!!!


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