This Place

Today we spent the day with PhD candidates who have dedicated their lives to flora and fauna both invasive and endemic to the Andaman Islands. We traversed the jungle, climbing up and down impossibly thick-rooted trees and ledges; we learned the sleeping patterns of lizards; we spotted geckos as vibrant green as the tops of palm trees (and managed ton make very few insurance commercial jokes). We will continue tomorrow, deepening our knowledge of this place’s ecological heartbeat.  

Libby and Margaret, today’s (and tomorrow’s) leaders of the day, will color in the details, but for now, here are some rough sketches of thought:

  • Being in a place is so much cooler when you know what’s going on. The appreciation is in the details. 
  • The rainforest is so complex and rich—it’s humbling, really. 
  • Young people, like these PhD candidates, can make a real difference in the world. 
  • Earth provides! The medicinal quality of so many plants is astounding. 
  • Mindset is everything. Staying curious is a must. 
  • Kyle is an exceptional needle fish catcher. 

Now it’s time for another feast (and possibly another cup of chai). 

3 thoughts on “This Place

  1. Maura – missed responding to this. Since this is a new experience for everyone involved, not just the students, I’m sure the excitement and fascination of it all just stimulates everyone to keep searching and learning and reflecting. What an education!


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