2022-23 Global Ed Trips

Guatemala – History, Culture, and Forensics

  • Dates – November 18th to 28th
  • Purpose – to immerse students in a Spanish-speaking environment, to reveal how forensics are being used to tell the true story of the Guatemalan Civil Conflict, to explore how different environments impact the ways of life within Guatemala, and to broadly understand life in Guatemala.  Students will get to explore, to engage in daily language lessons, to speak with lots of people in a variety of locations, and generally “feel” the Heart of the Mayan World.

Senegal – A Unique Country Across Time & Place

  • Dates – February 24th to March 12th (Spring Break) or February 24 to March 5th (Preseason)
  • Purpose – to explore one of the most unique country’s in West Africa and to understand its role in major periods of history and the ways in which its location between the Sahara and the jungles impacts life today.  Students will get to travel from the coast to the heartland and stop many places in between.

Spain – Mediterranean History & Spanish Culture

  • Dates – February 24th to March 12th (Spring break)
  • Purpose – to provide two weeks of intensive high-level language learning, to allow students to work with college professors on research projects of their own choosing, to enhance our school’s connection with Spain, and more broadly to begin a collaboration with UVA.  A small group of students will pilot this program – all must be part of an honors level Spanish class and must commit to a trimester of preparation and digesting the experience.

India – From Sea to Summit

  • Dates – May 29th to June 21st (Post-Graduation)
  • Purpose – to explore India, from the peaks of the Himalayas to the beach of the Andaman Islands, tracing a way of life along the way.  Students will get to hike in the Himalayas, catch fish in the Andaman Sea, eat and learn from host families, pursue independent projects, and much more.