2018-19 Global Ed Trips

Senegal – Exploring the Mandinka World Across Time & Space

  • Dates – November 14th to 26th (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Purpose – to expose students to the history of the Mandinka people in West Africa through immersion in the modern Mandinka world.

Southwestern United States – Border Issues, Policies & Extreme Environments

  • Dates – December 28th to January 6th
  • Purpose – to introduce students to the complicated issues that shape American policy, citizen opinion, migration, and much more along the US/Mexico border.  The group will explore three main questions: why do people migrate, what happens during the migrant journey, and how do policies impact people?

India – The Watershed of the Ganges

  • Dates – February 28th to March 17th (Spring Break)
  • Purpose – to explore the watershed of the Ganges from its headwaters to the fertile plains of Uttar Pradesh.  Half of the trip will take place in the community of Agora, where our school has deep connections with subsistence farmers, herders, and young entrepreneurs.

Guatemala – Heart of the Mayan World

  • Dates – May 28th to June 11th
  • Purpose – to expose our students to the history, culture, and environment of Guatemala through three distinct experiences: service work with a school for indigenous Mayans near Lake Atitlan, conservation work with an NGO focused on turtle conservation and forensic anthropology with one of the world’s leading forensic labs investigating the Guatemalan genocide. 

China – Global Influence & History

  • Dates – May 28th to June 11th
  • Purpose – to investigate China’s role in today’s world and throughout history through the lens of citizen experience, economic growth and structure, and political history.