2023-24 Global Ed Trips

Guatemala – History, Culture, and Forensics

  • Dates – November 16th to 27th (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Purpose – This year’s trip to Guatemala is designed to help students understand how Guatemala became the country it is today.  We will spend time on historic sites in Antigua and the mountainous countryside to visualize the region’s rich heritage.  We will hear directly from families who saw their lives torn apart by the Guatemalan Civil Conflict.  We will enjoy the beauty of the natural resources that have made the region such a coveted “possession.”  We will explore villages and the big city.  And from beginning to end and place to place, we will trace the throughlines of natural resource extraction, colonization, religious conversion, and foreign meddling.  Students will get the chance to earn credit on their transcript for participation in the trip and the related 10-week seminar course.

Senegal – A Unique Country Across Time & Place

  • Dates – March 1st to 18th (Spring Break) or March 1st to March 10th (Preseason)
  • Purpose – This year’s trip to Senegal will provide a unique window into life in “The Country of Hospitality.”  The itinerary is designed to reveal the history and more current events that have shaped Senegal as a stark contrast to the generalizations of Africa.  Students will get to live in the middle of a traditional Mandinka village in the southeastern corner of the country, explore the vastness of Niokolo Koba National Park (the largest in West Africa), experience the labyrinthian mangrove creeks of the Sine Saloum Delta, feel the vibes of Dakar, and relax in a quiet fishing village south of the capital.  Throughout the trip, they’ll get to know incredible individuals with unique life stories – and the themes of trade, colonialism, the blending of religions, and physical strength will tie it all together.  

Spain – Madrid & Valencia – Comparative Travel

  • Dates – March 1st to 18th (Spring break)
  • Purpose – This year’s trip to Spain will allow students to understand the culture of modern Spain and some of its contrasts with the American equivalent.  Based in Madrid, the first half of the trip the group will visit schools, neighborhoods, and families in the capital city and the surrounding region.  During the second week, they’ll contrast that experience with time on the coast in and around Valencia.  They’ll eat delicious food, see exciting sights, and investigate using their understanding of Spain from our Spanish classes and the community of Spanish students at CCS.  Students will get the chance to earn credit on their transcript for participation in the trip and the related 10-week seminar course.

India – Rivers of History & Culture

  • Dates – May 27th to June 16th
  • Purpose – This year’s trip to India will focus on two major river systems in the northern state of Uttarakhand, the Ganges and the Saryu.  On the Saryu, we’ll study the impacts of a major dam project that will permanently alter the region.  Students will get to look at the social, environmental, and economic considerations and contribute to ongoing research on the project.  On the Ganges, we’ll consider the many ways that people continue to live off of the world’s holiest river.  In Agora, nestled above a key headwater, we’ll see traditional living at its finest.  Near Rishikesh, the Yoga Capital of the World, we’ll feel the spiritual significance of the mighty river.  Throughout the trip, students will get to meet incredible people, eat some of the best food in the world, ride elephants, and generally benefit from what is undoubtedly one of the most unique countries on the planet.

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