2019-20 Global Ed Trips

Senegal – A Unique Window into Past & Present Issues

  • Dates – November 21st to December 2nd
  • Purpose – to explore the impact of colonialism on Senegal as a microcosm for its impact on the rest of the region, to understand what makes modern Senegal so important to the future of Africa, and to experience the culture of the Mandinka people.  Core activities will include time in Niognani village, a tour of Goree Island, and time visiting fishing communities on the Atlantic coast.

India – The Watershed of the Ganges

  • Dates – February 28th to March 17th (Spring Break)
  • Purpose – to explore Uttarakhand, one of India’s youngest states, as a means of understanding the major issues that shape India today.  We will spend half of the trip in Agora, a wonderful farming village in the Himalayas, spend time in New Delhi, explore a famous national park, and much more.



Guatemala – Heart of the Mayan World

  • Dates – May 26th to June 9th or 16th
  • Purpose – to introduce students to real, authentic Guatemala through our school’s invaluable connections to people in different parts of the country. Everyone will benefit from time on a Guatemalan coffee farm, immersion in Mayan communities around Lake Atitlan, tours of historic sites, and more. There will also be an optional second-week program for students who want to improve their Spanish and explore specific areas of interest.

China – Global Influence & History

  • Dates – May 26th to June 9th
  • Purpose – to investigate China’s role in today’s world and throughout history through the lens of citizen experience, economic growth and structure, and political history.