A Trip – A Community

By Han Zhou

During the short two weeks, I have seen true India in my own eyes.  It feels like I have just finished my first trip to India. Although there were happiness and sadness in the trip, every time tomorrow came in the trip it always brought more enjoyment. Obviously I have spend a lot of days in Dehli, although I didn’t like the capital of India very much. But it still was the first place for me to see when I visited India and I cherished it a lot.  It prepared me.

Although I got my passport rejected from the Andaman Islands and flew back to Dehli, got disappointed for the first few days, I learned an important lesson.  I learned that it is useless to lock yourself in the hotel when you meet a problem rather than try to move on and try to enjoy the new pain. Instead of doing that, I went to a national park with Mr. Alter and we had a lot of fun there. We saw the elephant,deers,leopards, and we even chased there leopards at night. This is definitely something I have never done before and although that experience only lasted for less than five minutes,  I know I will never forget about it.

And for the rest of the trip we met with the big group and took a eight hours bus drive to a mountain village called Agora. We seen the people there and ate food with them. Then we climbed a Himalayan mountain – it is hard for us to keep hiking for two hours, but we were all shocked by the view we saw when we stand up the hill. We saw the incredible snow mountain right in front of us reflecting the beautiful white and golden color from the sun and snow.

During the trip, we also have a lot of meaningful discussion on the bus ride and it really refreshed my mind once again.

This trip brought me a lot of firsts and it forced me to think about things differently.  It welcomed me to Christchurch community.

2 thoughts on “A Trip – A Community

  1. Hans, it is very rewarding to read your last sentence and know that you felt welcomed into the Christchurch Community while you were far, far away from it. The spirit of Christchurch is entirely portable, and it is always our dream that our students and faculty take the spirit with them wherever life leads them. Thank you for reminding me of this dream.


  2. Hans,
    I want to commend you for choosing to move forward when a big setback happened at the Andaman Islands. I’m sure it was a disappointment but look how you turned it around with a safari that no one else experienced? You saw animals rarely seen by most of the world!! I hope you keep the New Delhi days in perspective with the rest of your experience…Agora and New Delhi are almost two different worlds. The Himalayas are magical – they speak to your very being about life, beauty, and what is important. So grateful you are part of the CCS family. Many more adventures to come I am sure!


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