Today was a big one!  We arrived after dark last night, so today was our first time to really experience and explore the village.  Here’s a list of some of the things we did:

  1. Ate our first omelet-sandwiches
  2. Drank our first proper ataya by Tamba
  3. Played soccer on the Niognani pitch
  4. Visited with the imam
  5. Attended a celebration of the end of harvest in Dialokoto
  6. Swam in the Gambia River
  7. Wrestle with Samba
  8. Discussed ideas about happiness and material wealth
  9. Repaired a tire
  10. Woke up to the sound of a rooster and a donkey
  11. Visite the village chief
  12. Ate lots of delicious yassa
  13. Tried our first crushed kano
  14. Drank water – but never enough
  15. Attended to a few wounds and headaches in the village
  16. Spent time with Diallo, the principle of the village school, and his lead teacher

2 responses to “A Day in Niognani”

  1. jbyersccs Avatar

    You all are packing a lot of adventure into a single day. How does that river compare to the mighty Rappahannock?

  2. Lisa Gordon Avatar
    Lisa Gordon

    Quite a list for one day! Two wonderings… Who is Samba? Also, what are the ages of the children who attend the village school?

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