By: Peyton

We left Delhi at sunrise and drove across the plains into Corbett National Park. As soon as we stepped out of the bus, we breathed in fresh air unlike the dirty, smoggy, hard to breath air of New Delhi. After we unloaded our bags from the bus, curious monkeys surrounded us. It somehow felt like home, but the monkeys were like the squirrels of India.

Within in minutes we were down on the banks of the Kosi River skipping rocks, having some laughs, and then we ate lunch. After lunch we returned to the river, this time to cross it. We crossed the rapids and stood on the other side at the bottom of the cliffs. The cliffs are part of the buffer zone to Corbett National Park. We crossed so that we could search for tiger pug marks in the river mud at the bottom of the cliffs. We were asked to stay close the river, by the hotel staff, but that didn’t stop Harry and I from noticing some deer prints, possibly some tiger prints, maybe even Big Foot’s or a distant cousin!

We walked down the river until we found a good swimming hole. We started swimming around, and Barker got the idea of jumping off of a cliff next to the river. That encouraged a lot of us to do the same. My first jump reminded me a little of back home, jumping off my dock, but this was a whole new experience. The water had a strong current to it. Climbing up the cliff and finding a good spot to jump off of was different than jumping from my dock. It didn’t feel scary; it reminded me to try new things. It was like a leap of faith. This whole trip is like a leap of faith in some ways. I didn’t really know what we would be doing, and now that I’m here I’m having one of the best experiences of my life. So, I encourage everybody to “jump off a cliff”, even if you don’t know much about it, it might be one the best experiences you have ever had.


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  1. haleyismyhero Avatar

    Glad you are having fun, Peyton!! And I hope your clavicle is healing nicely! Love you!

  2. jbyersccs Avatar

    Thanks for that metaphor and reminder, Peyton. If you find Bigfoot, we will look for your interview on CNN. Otherwise, keep having fun and (safely) adventuring. More eye opening experiences await. Hold onto your water bottle so the monkeys don’t take off with it!

  3. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    Peyton – Your post and adventure at first terrified this grandma! I just worry for your safety in your quest for adventure. But your “leap of faith” proved rewarding and memorable (probably for the rest of your life). Your tenacity for life and adventure are admirable. This will be quite the trip for you! Stay safe…

  4. Gidget B. Valadez Avatar
    Gidget B. Valadez

    Dear Peyton, What a great writeup for all of us left stateside to live vicariously through your adventures! I especially appreciated your encouraging words about the gifts, both internal and external, that can be found when we challenge ourselves, when we summon the courage to “jump off the cliff” and truly take that “leap of faith”! I believe it is experiences like this that really push us to grow in ways we never imagined. Thanks so much for sharing how this has impacted you, and for inspiring the rest of us!!!

  5. Lauren Little Avatar
    Lauren Little

    Sounds like this trip was a big jump for you Peyton. Congratulations on making the leap! I hope you have many more adventures that move you (safely) to try things out of your comfort zone.

  6. Barbar Merolli Avatar
    Barbar Merolli

    Wow Peyton, so proud you took that jump! Cheers to more adventures in life.

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