The Energy of a Place

By: Gabriela

Two days ago, we woke up with cars honking in the chaos of the streets of New Delhi. Yesterday, we woke up with birds singing and the peaceful Kosi River of the National Park.

Different places bring us different feelings, and make us have different thoughts and different points of view over life. The huge capital and this small village are totally different but you can see things, or live moments that make you happy wherever you are. While we were in New Delhi with those crazy and loud streets, the energy was different. Even with the adrenaline being high while being in a tuck tuck racing others, or while walking in the side of the streets looking everywhere to see if there was a crazy motorcycle or a fast rickshaw coming in your direction, there were small things that made me feel calm. Things like people being hospitable and offering us their chai. In the small area we’re staying, there’s the outside of the hotel that is similar to New Delhi; but, when you’re inside of the hotel, I totally forget how is to be outside. They’re totally different but totally incredible.

Being in India has made me realize how different the world is. While I was riding in the tuck tuck, I had time to think and watch the chaos at the same time. I was thinking about when I am at school, or when I am having dinner at CCS, how is India doing? While I am sleeping they are going to work, while I am resting they are in the loud streets, it’s so weird to think about that. India surprised me with their amazing energy and with their kind heart. Their friendly way to be. I will never forget the moment that we passed school buses or we just walk by kids and they shake their hands saying hi like if we were celebrities.

Today, we are leaving this peaceful place and heading up to another one. I’m sure they will be different but I am also sure we will see many good differences as we are enjoying this amazing trip. Each flavor, each smell, each appearance, each shape, each texture make India how it is – an amazing, colorful and energetic place.

6 thoughts on “The Energy of a Place

  1. Gabriela, you are embracing the many vibes of India in all their richness, color and humanity. And you are doubling down on your international experience. How lucky are we at Christchurch that you have spent your senior year with us! Enjoy the amazing people and places ahead.


  2. Gabriela – Your observations and thoughts are so interesting. Every place evokes a special feeling in each of us as we try to reach a “comfort zone” that we can retreat to whether we’re at home or abroad. You are learning how to do that. Do you think that, when you come home, you will be able to be that kind of observant of your surrounding in places you know so well?


  3. Thank you, Gabriela, and all who have written. I am loving all your wonderful posts. We are not loving having so little contact – we miss our Pete! 🙂 Please post more photos if possible, and also, is there going to be a post about the third group in New Delhi that focused on religion? What a marvelous experience you all are having! Godspeed and keep posting! xoxo Julie Coburn


  4. I am loving the blogs. The students are wonderful at telling the tales of their adventures. The feelings and observations they are aware of amaze me. I find myself watching for each new blogs as if a gift is arriving in the mail!
    I guess that’s why the written word has always meant so much.


  5. I just love how you are experiencing India – through textures, sounds, sights, tastes, people, colors, nature! It sounds just like a cornucopia of the senses!


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