6 thoughts on “Everyday is my favorite

  1. Wow Amanda…Keep writing! You will love re-reading your experiences once you get back and later in life. Sounds like you all are having some real adventures….enjoy. Love and Miss You. Glad you could fit this in to your summer before you are off to college.


  2. As your most recent English teacher, I’m not surprised to see so many great details here, Amanda. You have a keen eye and a sense for the small details that make descriptive writing come alive. I love imagining Destiny and Cameron carrying a centipede around on a stick–sharing the adventure, I guess? And the squealing pigs on the barge! Love it. I’m so glad you’re on this trip. Keep noticing it all and writing some of it down when you can. That helps you (and the rest of us) go deeper into the experience.


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