By Mr. Kempe

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  1. jbyersccs Avatar

    Did you all build something? What is it? A batting cage? Just kidding. No, really, what WAS that project? Looks like a busy day. Be sure to tell Mr. Kempe that he cannot bring that coffee plant home in his suitcase, no matter how much he loves the coffee there.

    1. Aaron Avatar

      We helped restore a turtle nesting cage! The cage protects the eggs of endangered turtles that used to breed unmolested on the beaches of Guatemala’s Pacific coast. A few more turtles will mature, in style, thanks to the efforts of our students!

    2. A Showalter Avatar

      Oh, rats. I was just thinking the faculty village at CCS could use a few coffee trees.

  2. Mollie Avatar

    Mr. Kempe, you have a way of accurately capturing how a group experiences a place. Your eyes see color and texture and in many of those shots I can hear your laughter, Ashton’s questions, and Sally’s enthusiasm! Thanks for helping us feel your trip!

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