The group has convened in Washington DC and some of us are already en route to India! It feels so good to be on the way back to the subcontinent. Spirits are high!

As Erin put it, it’s actually a bit surreal. This particular trip at the end of this particular year just feels almost mystical.

We spoke with Suman on our way to the airport this morning and he was downright jubilant. The people on the other end are just as excited as we are and they also feel the energy – the sense that this is going to be a truly unique few weeks.

The journey to India is long but we are more than up for it. We will post some more thoughts from our layover stops.

For now, Namaste!

4 responses to “The Adventure Begins!”

  1. Teresa Hinton Avatar
    Teresa Hinton

    I am looking forward in reading about all the adventures!! Michelle and I will follow the travels! Teresa Hinton

  2. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    God speed 🙏 for a safe journey.

  3. Mollie Avatar

    It’s nice to see “Dave’s Mom” back following along on the blog! I have high expectations for college level blogging, and I am looking forward to some gap year wisdom to be dropped from the subcontinent!

  4. jbyersccs Avatar

    Hooray world travelers; be well and keep your eyes and ears open for the wonder of India and the beautiful people of Agora!

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