We are officially on our journey – nearly through our 12.5 hour flight from DC to Doha. Spirits are high, even for those who didn’t sleep much. For some in our group, this was the first time on a plane. For others, the first time headed so far east. And for a few, this is a return to the familiar.

On the drive to DC, Blake, Davis and Mr. Pausic coined themselves the ‘Middlesex Boys.’ It will be fun to watch them adventure, these boys.

Kean waited patiently in DC for us and was nose deep in a book about Hinduism when we met up with him. He is so eager to explore the big ideas.

Milly’s nerves have been replaced with smiles and she seems genuinely eager for this adventurous journey.

Nacho and Lucia are seasoned travelers but seem particularly open. As Nacho put it, ‘this is more exciting than I expected! Even though I have heard so much, this feels new.’

Hali is full of her usual smiles even though this begins a journey away from home that might last for months. There’s weight in this departure that’s different for Hali but she seems determined to make the most of it.

Reed began his journey 8 hours before the rest of us. He swears he hasn’t slept on this flight. And yet, he is full of helpful energy. I expect so much great things.

This is going to be an amazing adventure!

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  1. abigailcola Avatar

    Solid crew!! Excited to read about this great adventure! Hi Everyone- the Colas

  2. Adrianne Bugg Avatar
    Adrianne Bugg

    Amazing and yay! Safe travels for the next leg!

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