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  • A Prayer

    A Prayer

    By: Gidget Valadez For years, I have been dreaming of this trip. And it is with gratitude that I was afforded the opportunity to attend this year. This was the first Global Ed trip since the onset of Covid and our world is completely different since the India trip of 2020. The unknowns were greater…

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  • Worries and Problems

    Worries and Problems

    By: Emmett Makarushka It’s been 5 days since we left India, and as I return to my life I think about what I have learned. The thing that keeps coming to my mind is “problems”. Right now in my world, I’m worried about being able to succeed in online classes, and I am thinking of…

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  • Manure and Music

    Manure and Music

    By: Carl Erickson A few days ago, after waking up to the cook and Uncle making breakfast at the lodge in Agora, I sat and observed the mountains around me. I stared for a good 20 minutes at the beautiful view. After breakfast we were told to spend a few hours helping out the villagers…

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  • First Impressions

    First Impressions

    First Impressions of Delhi Arthur, as leader of the day, asked the group to think about the contrasting images of the day and for those in the group who have read White Tiger, he asked them to consider “the light” and “the dark” as it is explored in the novel which takes place in Delhi.…

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  • New Delhi in One to Five Words

    New Delhi in One to Five Words

    We boldly stepped out into the streets for our first full group experience of our Delhi neighborhood, Karol Bagh. As Mr. Alter described it, from his vantage point leading the group to dinner we looked like a crazy snake of Christchurch wandering single file down the rainy streets to Karim’s for a famous and delicious…

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  • Appreciating Bandia’s front yard

    Appreciating Bandia’s front yard

    By Jacob Osias Today was my first full day in Senegal. We woke up at about 9:30 and drive to Mr. Alter’s friend, Bandia’s house. His wonderful wives and family took amazing care of us with, I swear to God, the best food ever. We had Senegal’s national dish, Thieboudjenne. A dish of stewed fish,…

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  • The journey has begun!

    The journey has begun!

    We are piled in the Christchurch van and on our way to the Richmond International Airport. This is how we’re feeling as we cross the York River. Sally is tired but excited. Joy is just chillin. Mr. Cola, our driver, is feeling jealous. Jack doesn’t know how to feel yet, but he’s aware that he’s…

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  • The Challenge of Change

    The Challenge of Change

    By: David Samoa At the first glance, I can see that India is a country that’s known for various of positive and negative things. For example, the cold Himalaya mountains, unique foods, and the nature’s beauty which may not seen by many people. India is also known for the pollution that ruins human health and…

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  • Monkeys and the Jump

    Monkeys and the Jump

    By: Peyton We left Delhi at sunrise and drove across the plains into Corbett National Park. As soon as we stepped out of the bus, we breathed in fresh air unlike the dirty, smoggy, hard to breath air of New Delhi. After we unloaded our bags from the bus, curious monkeys surrounded us. It somehow felt like home,…

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  • Controlled Chaos: The Roads of Delhi

    Controlled Chaos: The Roads of Delhi

    By: Bryan When we arrived in Delhi we quickly came across the roads of Delhi, and instantly something abnormal about it came to mind. The streets were filled with disorder as we looked upon the roads, with hundreds of people filling almost every street. This didn’t feel normal to us; it looked rather chaotic. There were many people in the…

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