Sine Saloum – Hakuna Matata in the Mangroves

The Sine Saloum Mangrove Delta is one of Senegal's iconic protected areas.  It protects an incredible diversity of fish, mammals, birds and flora.  It is also home to communities that have relied on the area's natural resources for hundreds of years.  These remote outposts are home to traditional ways of life that are found in few … Continue reading Sine Saloum – Hakuna Matata in the Mangroves

YES! [oui!]

We have spent today soaking up this new place. Like anything special, words are totally insufficient. But, we've got to try, right? After landing in Dakar we feasted on pain au chocolat right under Dakar's lighthouse, simultaneously overlooking the western most point of Africa and the African Renaissance statue. Then we wired—not weary—travelers hopped in … Continue reading YES! [oui!]

Snacks! 🌯

We made it to Dulles and immediately found sustenance.  You know—the important stuff.  Here are some thoughts from our intrepid travelers: "We finished our lunch at 4:00."—Weichen "I'm not a big blogger." —Hunter "Let the adventure begin! But first, sleep." —pretty much everyone 

28 hours, 3 minutes

Diligently we packed our bags. Frantically we finished our homework. Stoically we endured yellow fever vaccinations [most of us didn't cry, anyway—looking at you, Mr. Kempe]. We're ready to go. Tomorrow our team will board our noble CCS steeds [here's to you, Bus 8], steadfastly persevere through any traffic, and board our flight to Dakar. We're … Continue reading 28 hours, 3 minutes