China – Culture & Context

This year’s trip to China marks CCS’ first attempt at understanding the lives of our Chinese students (or at least a few of them) and at investigating the historic trends, current events and underlying realities that shape these lives.  It will take participants to the bustling streets of Beijing, to the crumbling relics of the Great Wall, to visit NGOs, to taste delicious, exotic dishes – into the heart of such a fascinating country.  By following this blog, you will come to understand our students and the broad reaches of our ambitious curriculum.

June 1st – travel to Beijing

June 2nd to 4th – exploring Imperial China in Beijing

June 5th – travel to Jianping via Simatai

June 6th – Jianping tire factory

June 7th – travel to Jinzhou

June 8th – Liaohe River Delta

June 9th to 14th – Modern Beijing

June 15th – return to USA