Global Education at Christchurch School is more than annual adventures to various corners of the globe.  Students at CCS experience the world everyday – in the classroom, on hall, on the sports field.  This site is designed to provide access for those not lucky enough to spend time within our proverbial white fences.  You will find archives of old blogs and active travel logs, information about the philosophy and practice of the program, links to student projects making a difference in the world, and more.

We cordially invite you to explore the site: tangentially drink the chai and feel the sea breeze on your face with your traveling friends, family, and colleagues.  Get inspired by one of our incredible students. Ask questions. Be active. We read your responses to the blog posts while we’re traveling and take note of relevant comments throughout the year, so let this be a chance for true and authentic education from the comfort of your screen.

Relive a deep exploration of Germany.  Learn alongside our students through their blog posts, video updates and much more.

Relive the trip to India through our notes, reflections, and thoughts from our journey down the Ganges River in India.

If you want to relive our adventure to Senegal in the fall, mosey on over here.

Enjoy last year’s blogs:

Relive the adventures of  our student ambassadors as they reached beneath the surface of China during two weeks in Beijing and surrounding towns.

Remember the insights of our students when they dove into one of the most ambitious CCS trips in India to date.

Follow past adventurers as they went from the mountains to the sea, from the country to the city, on CCS’s inaugural trip to Guatemala.



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