India – Sea to Summit

This year’s trip to India is CCS’ boldest international trip to date.  It will take students from the headwaters of the Ganges to the other other extreme of the watershed, the pristine Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.  The group will learn first-hand, with emphasis on student-led exploration through diverse activities.  Per the Global Education approach, the intention is to surround students with opportunities to learn and to explore their own interests, rather than to lead them on a completely planned educational experience.  This will emphasize the skills and content taught back on campus.

Basic itinerary:

February 25th & 26th – travel to New Delhi

February 27th – rest and acclimation in New Delhi

February 28th – travel to Port Blair and onward to Havelock Island

February 29th to March 3rd – uncover the Andaman Islands

March 4th – travel to New Delhi

March 5th – travel to Agora

March 6th to 9th – Agora, embracing a community

March 10th – travel to New Delhi

March 11th – New Delhi, a wrap up

March 12th – return to USA

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