Everything we do is rooted firmly in our school’s curriculum.  Each international trip, on-campus program, project, and initiative connects with the broader framework that binds together our curricular and co-curricular life.  This ensures a mission-based approach and helps maximize the potential impact of Global Education.

Faculty involvement is foundational.  We believe that traveling with us – spending time with people we know well in environments we understand – is an important type of professional development.  We recognize that the safety of our trips is maximized when trip leaders and chaperones have first-hand experience, training, personal knowledge, and existing relationships with participants.  We seek to use the impact of international travel and global connections to enrich our community.

Student participants are challenged to understand the world in new and important ways.  They are immersed in foreign cultures.  They are expected to step out of their comfort zones.  They are equipped with essential skills to navigate the world.  They are encouraged to recognize opportunities to give back and make a difference.  They are given the chance to share their experience, ideas, and thoughts with the world.

Our core trips return to the same corners of the world because we believe that relationships are, more than anything else, what brings us closer to our aspiration.  They allow us to understand people on their terms, provide useful and active connections, enable reciprocal education, give our teachers what they need to use the world in their classroom(s), and much more.

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