What our Students Say

But now when I close my eyes, I hear the wind. A different wind. I hear the rusting of the leaves, the bouncing of the four square ball, and the chatter and fret of students running late to class. India is still so fresh in my mind. The ghost of Agora’s laughter, the tingle of Havelock’s sun, and even, perhaps most vibrantly the wretched smell of Dehli´s sewers. The trip is technically over, but the impact of the experience and the connections I made will last for a lifetime.

Closing my eyes will never be the same.


By Mariana Guzman-Casas

When I close my eyes…

Visiting Gorée has fueled my desire to learn where I come from and find out where my people are and for that I am eternally grateful.


By Nayyir Strasner

Visiting Goree Island

Now, I will never forget that fish.  But I will also never forget the people who helped make southeastern Senegal home for a life-changing hunt.


By Kyle Willis

Hunting for fish

I will never forget the lessons that Cerro de Orro taught me.  The community taught me so much about how they measured their wealth.  It didn’t seem to matter how much money they had or how big their house was; they measured wealth based on their daily interactions.


By Sophie Heath

Appreciating Cerro de Oro

From my experience traveling around the world, it has been obvious that racism is everywhere and that looking different from the majority automatically puts you at a slight disadvantage. Guatemala gave me a taste of this and I am glad that I could be pushed outside of my comfort zone so I was able to better understand the place that I was spending time in.


By Steven Stilianos

Feeling a minority

For everyone on this trip, traveling offers us opportunities to discover, to accept the news, to understand, to pick up the things around us that we have ignored for a while.  Someone says he feels bad because we have to travel to the other side of the world to learn the things that appear in our life every day.


But now we know.  The experience guides us to keep understanding the ideas – illuminating the future for us.


By Sophie Scott

Traveling allows us