Hospitality – A Generational Thing

The group has spent the last few days visiting Hongming "Paul" Chen's mother's tire factory and his ancestral home (Jinzhou).  At each stop, gracious hosts have helped create memorable experiences and provided a rare window into life for factory workers, generations of Hongming's family, and the average Chinese citizen.  It is hard to explain how valuable … Continue reading Hospitality – A Generational Thing

人山人海 – People Mountain, People Sea

Any good educational adventure is built around quality conversations.  The group in China is, by this measure, having quite an adventure!  Here is a collection of wisdom and observations from just one discussion: On similarities & differences: Moammar - "One thing that really surprised me was how the little things - like food, and how much … Continue reading 人山人海 – People Mountain, People Sea

The Adventure Approaches!

In just 48 hours a group of CCS students will be cruising at 30,000ft. somewhere between Washington, DC and Beijing!  Please follow our adventure here, on this blog, and remember to post questions and comments for us to respond to! "Experience, travel - these are as education in themselves." - Euripides