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  • Global Economies, Local Impacts

    Global Economies, Local Impacts

    By: Jackson Kiland Since being in Guatemala, I have noticed that the authentic Guatemalan culture has been pushed out by the growth and expansion of tourism. Much like an invasive species, foreign countries seem to invade Guatemala. They destroy and strangle its real identity, leaving nothing but a twisted foreign perspective. Cities like San Pedro…

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  • Relevancy


    By Jaiya Govender We arrived in Guatemala on the 25th of February 2022. Eagerness and curiousness were my initial emotions of this trip. Throughout the weeks preparing for the trip, borrowing sleeping pads and scavenging my wardrobe for non- strapless shirts, did not prepare me for the feeling of being extremely overwhelmed as I got…

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  • Dissolving Boundaries

    Dissolving Boundaries

    By Meghan McNeill As I laid under the sun and drifted in and out of consciousness, I thought about how the hilarity of universe brought me to this paradise of convalescence. I thought about how every intention or expectation I previously held for this experience dissipated in perfect cadence of my dwindling energy. I also…

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  • Reflections on Resilience

    Reflections on Resilience

    By: Bella Martin It is currently the last full day of the trip, and we are back in Antigua. Since I spent the majority of the second half of this trip in quarantine, I had a lot of time to reflect on the days I was able to be out exploring Guatemala with my peers.…

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  • Everyone’s Different in the Same Ways

    Everyone’s Different in the Same Ways

    By Landon Reihs The whole reflecting on what I’ve done in my daily life has become more of a challenge, but this trip and this group makes it simpler. Even though I’ve known pretty much every CCS student at this school it feels nice when your perspective on certain people can change in both positive…

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  • Are we really all that different?

    Are we really all that different?

    By Michelle Bracken (Teresa’s daughter) When waking up in the morning what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it that you just want to go back to sleep? Or maybe what clothes will you wear that day? Personally, the first thing I often think about is staying in bed till the last…

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  • Arms Wide Open

    Arms Wide Open

    Arms Wide Open By Ana Martin and Kendall Quinn We were the kids in school who you would see walking hand in hand always laughing about something, practically inseperable. We chose to go on this Global Ed experience with the thought of having time to explore the world together, as best friends. We never had…

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  • People as People

    People as People

    By Reed Freisner Throughout my time here in Guatemala, my group and I have undertaken many adventures. The trip has shown me how the people you meet in new places really make the experience and that crossing new borders and boundaries together can help build relationships. I have been positive for COVID-19 since my fourth…

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    In the midst of a truly unprecedented trip, with the many impacts of the global pandemic surrounding us, a few things are holding this group and this adventure together. Foremost, of course, is the group of students and adults – we are familiar to each other, experienced learners, skills educators, qualified health professionals, and close…

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  • My Village

    My Village

    By Chris Magero Over the course of this trip, I have been exposed to a different way of life than the one I am used to. I have found that the people here in Guatemala indulge in an entirely different system than that of the US. The hard working people of this country range from…

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  • Warm Communities

    Warm Communities

    By Ali Kaynar I am from Ankara, Turkey. It’s not too big of a town, not too small, and I’ve lived there my whole life. When I think of my hometown, I think first about how everyone is there is close. For example, when my mom wouldn’t be home, she would call a neighbor, ask…

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    By Izzy Kiland Today we woke up to a delicious breakfast – the breakfast consisted of eggs, fruit, and a variety of bread and pastries. After eating, everyone came to gather for our daily meeting.  In a span of 1-2 hours we had several positive Covid tests. While this was all happening, I was thinking…

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    By Becca Cook Tourism, travel for pleasure or business; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours.  Before going on this trip I had no real prior knowledge of this concept, as I don’t travel often. Throughout the duration of my time…

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  • Finding Myself Through Connections

    Finding Myself Through Connections

    By Maggie Lancaster Social isolation is a concept I understand through experience. I know how it feels to not really fit in, and I sometimes feel a sense of disconnection from large groups. Before going on this trip, I was worried about feeling disconnected from the group because I didn’t really know anyone. Usually, I…

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    Various photographers, lots of smiles!

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