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  • Leadership Lessons

    Leadership Lessons

    By Mahaan Govender I woke up outside on the floor to the sound of Bo snoring blissfully. A dark bluish sky above me was filled with stars. I shuffled my arms out of my sleeping bag and checked the time – it was 5:17am, an hour before the sunrise, which was when we all decided…

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  • Little Whispers

    Little Whispers

    By Clara Tucker I have only spent two full days in Antigua, Guatemala and one at Lake Atitlan, but I have learned so much throughout this immersive experience. When I first embarked on this trip, I was super excited to experience Guatemala and have fun with my friends, but it has already turned into so…

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  • Settling In and Learning More

    Settling In and Learning More

    By Emilie Janzen On our third day in Guatemala, we woke up with people slowly trickling out of the buildings and emerging into the morning light. As conversations about dreams and how people slept slowly faded, we got ready for the day. Once everyone was ready, we did our daily count-off before heading to the…

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  • What It’s All About

    What It’s All About

    By Erin Stoik It’s only been two days, but I already feel like my eyes are opening a lot. In the beginning, I felt like we were doing the same thing as everyone else. When we first pulled into downtown Antigua, they had those big colorful shirts hanging from the stands, and I thought “Oh…

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  • A Day in antigua

    A Day in antigua

    Today, we spent our entire day in the city of Antigua Guatemala. Nestled below the towering Agua Volcano, Antigua was the capital of Central American when the region was controlled by the Spanish. It’s a beautiful place with both unique and quite common characteristics. It’s a lot like a lot of places in this part…

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  • Corners & Conversations

    Corners & Conversations

    By Wesley Kennedy During our first few days, we have had a great experience. We have gotten out and roamed around the city of Antigua and noticed many things. Sometimes I’ve noticed the difference in culture with the Guatemalan people, like the different clothes they wear – some people were wearing very traditional Mayan clothes…

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  • Just a teaser!

    Just a teaser!

    Big day! Big volcanoes. Big stories to tell. For now, weary travelers can only muster a teaser. Many blogposts on the way!

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  • Initial Impressions

    Initial Impressions

    Our first discussions were productive – we touched on big ideas and specific observations that will help us throughout the trip. Here are just a few comments of note: ‘I realized the power of language. I felt the need, the desire, to learn more Spanish. I noticed the vendors speaking 4-5 languages and thought about…

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  • Back in Guate!

    Back in Guate!

    We have just wrapped up our first few hours in Guatemala and spirits are very high! Erin and Wesley served as our first student leaders and helped the group think about noticing the little things and framed tourism as a complicated issue to further explore. Antigua is a fascinating and complicated entry point. It is…

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  • Guatemala awaits!

    Guatemala awaits!

    In just a few days, 25 students and 7 faculty members will enter the Heart of the Mayan World. We can’t wait! Please make sure to follow our blog, ask good questions, and provide feedback to our young bloggers.

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