Initial Impressions

Our first discussions were productive – we touched on big ideas and specific observations that will help us throughout the trip. Here are just a few comments of note:

‘I realized the power of language. I felt the need, the desire, to learn more Spanish. I noticed the vendors speaking 4-5 languages and thought about the impact of business on culture. It will be fun to see language change, in me and in the people we meet.’ -Mahaan

‘Just going for it is key – I learned how to operate a wheelchair for wheelchair basketball, did a sprint up a hill with a Guatemalan athlete, got a selfie with some soldiers, and more just in a few hours. So much to learn by going for it!’ -Reed

‘Don’t forget to smack your teacher on the sunburn. Mr. Viser is sorely missed.’ -Wesley

‘Tourism is such a fun thing but it’s also dangerous. Dangerous to a place and history.’ -Erin

‘Who controls the narrative? Guatemala is the heart of the Mayan world but here we are in its iconic city and everything is Spanish and colonial. What does that tell us? How can we reveal the truth?’ -Mrs. McNeill

‘The clothes were cool to see. Such variety. It was interesting to see Mayan women in traditional clothes but wearing high heels. How did that happen? What is authentic at this stage?’ -Ria

4 thoughts on “Initial Impressions

  1. The best part about not being on a CCS Global Ed trip is anticipating the next blog post! Can’t wait to hear what each of you has to share!


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