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  • Women of Agora – A Senior Project

    Women of Agora – A Senior Project

    Hi all, Hannah, Blair, and I are seniors at Christchurch School. For our integrated senior project, we are working to give back to people who have become like family – the rural Himalayan community of Agora.  We want to bring light to the lives of the women in the village. The three of us will…

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  • Where do I come from?

    Where do I come from?

    By Nayyir Strasner Calling our visit to Gorée island “emotional” will not fully encapsulate all of the feelings I experienced during the day. In the morning, Malaya and I planned on using the day to it’s full potential. We woke up to the same sound we fell asleep with. Waves pounding against soft Senegalese sand…

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  • Village Lessons

    Village Lessons

    By Ashton Willcox   When I went to Senegal, I found a united, peaceful country that had rich culture, art, and food. The first thing I noticed was how good the Senegalese tea was.  Making the tea was a long process but when it was finished it was the best tea I have ever had.…

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  • Mr. Alter’s Pictures

    Mr. Alter’s Pictures

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  • Poisson Tigre

    Poisson Tigre

    By Kyle Willis   I could not have imagined traveling across the pond to Senegal before attending CCS.  Last year, I went to India with the school and that trip opened my eyes to world travel and sparked my interest in seeing what else the world has to offer.   Fishing has always been a…

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  • A village home

    A village home

    By Claudia Lupinek When I was first presented with the opportunity to come to Africa I thought I would experience something way different than I have. I imagined this trip being a cool time to hang out with my friends and explore a place I’ve never seen before. But when I arrived here I was…

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  • Changing Perceptions

    Changing Perceptions

    By Kwaku Arthur   When I first got here, I thought it was going to be boring. Ghana is obviously way better than Senegal I thought. This day might have Changed my perception. I never could have imagined that playing Soccer with eight year olds would be So competitive yet fun. I will never forget…

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  • Electricity and Light

    Electricity and Light

    By Margaret Wilson We got to the village on the evening of December 28th, 2017. It was dark when we arrived and I couldn’t really tell where we were. I knew there wasn’t going to be any electricity or light, but as soon as I stepped out of the van I felt a different kind…

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  • I never thought…

    I never thought…

    By Jaylyn Kreimes I never thought I would go to Africa. I have lived in VA for such a long time that even thinking about leaving the US was nonsense. First time out of the country – in fact a lot of firsts since I have been in Senegal. The best things are rice and…

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  • A Perfect Community

    A Perfect Community

    By B Pressley   A perfect community, Stagnant and timeless, No progress, no greed, No individualistic Values, nothing but Teamwork towards one Overall goal That is, to live and Function successfully. On the contrary, people In America, or even Christchurch have varying Goals that conflict with One another. People are Focused on their individual Goals,…

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  • Amazing sights

    Amazing sights

    By Steven Stilianos I woke up to see one of the most amazing sights ever, running water in Ngognani. This had been my ultimate goal since I visited the village last year. Mr. Alter, my parents, and I came to Senegal more than a week before the rest of the group to install a solar…

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  • The sounds of 2018

    The sounds of 2018

    Today, our first morning of 2018, is marked by distinct sounds. First, the cheers of a community signifying the ticking of the clock past 11:59pm. There was no universal countdown, no ball to watch. The hoots and claps came sporadically but with an honest purpose. As the local imam told us when we gathered around…

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  • First impressions

    ‘My first impressions were that people are welcoming and that they want to interact. I want to learn how to communicate with new means and ways.’ -Rhyan ‘Culture shock. There are begging children and prayers. All of it is new and i am learning just from being here.’ Ashton ‘It is refreshing to be here…

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  • The first day in Senegal

    By Rhyan and Faith The first day in Senegal set the tone for the days to come. During the first few hours, we were exposed to new people, food, language and culture. It was heartwarming – so many Senegalese people who wanted to interact with us immediately. Their hospitality (they call it teranga) gave us…

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  • A house full of adventurers!

    We are finally assembled! The final group arrived safely and in great spirits. For those who had the day in Senegal, there were a lot of firsts. I will let the students share soon. For how, thank you for following our adventure!!

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