Changing Perceptions

By Kwaku Arthur


When I first got here,

I thought it was going to be boring.

Ghana is obviously way better than Senegal

I thought.

This day might have

Changed my perception.

I never could have imagined that playing

Soccer with eight year olds would be

So competitive yet fun.

I will never forget that game

But the most memorable moment

Was not on a soccer pitch.

It wasn’t even under the sun.

It was at night.

New Years Eve

Full moon

How many times will these two intersect?

We had a tour of the interior of the village

Anytime I think of it seems like a dream.

It was deep in the night

But the moon gave us enough light to see

What was beyond us.

Children and animals gathered around us

Yet we hardly noticed their presence.

It might have felt like a dream.

Like, maybe, because I am often partially asleep.

The night was also marked by a loud party.

The party seemed like a lot of fun

But then I would rather be under a full moon on New Years Eve than a strobe light.

I might never admit that any part of Senegal is better than Ghana but on such a moonlit night I could not bring myself to compare.

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