We are finally assembled! The final group arrived safely and in great spirits. For those who had the day in Senegal, there were a lot of firsts. I will let the students share soon.

For how, thank you for following our adventure!!

4 responses to “A house full of adventurers!”

  1. Natasha Herring Avatar
    Natasha Herring

    So glad everyone made it ok!!! Have a great experience, Seahorses! #CCSGlobalEducation #Senegal20172018 #SeahorsesAbroad

  2. abigailcola Avatar

    Yahoo!! Glad everyone made it- looking forward to hearing about all the adventures

  3. Suman Panwar Avatar
    Suman Panwar


    Let the adventure begin CCS.
    Look forward to hearing more from your adventures!

  4. Stefanie Carr Avatar
    Stefanie Carr

    Glad you all made in safely and I know now you are hard at work.
    What a difference you are going to make in the lives of these people of Senegal.
    It will be a memory and accomplishment to carry with you forever.

    Best of Luck.
    Stefanie Carr

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