By B Pressley


A perfect community,

Stagnant and timeless,

No progress, no greed,

No individualistic

Values, nothing but

Teamwork towards one

Overall goal

That is, to live and

Function successfully.

On the contrary, people

In America, or even

Christchurch have varying

Goals that conflict with

One another. People are

Focused on their individual

Goals, rather than the goal

Of the entire community.

Some, or perhaps most,

Would say such a

Community is un achievable

Or a dream yet to come true.

Even I would have said that.

However, after living side

By side with the people

Of Ngognani and

All of Kekouta’s family

I have suddenly realized

That such a community

Is not so much a dream but

Instead a reality.

I think they have reached

The foothills of perfection

And meanwhile the future

Of this village is more secure

Than any community, country,

Or group of people that I know.

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  1. Betsy Greene Schaefer Avatar
    Betsy Greene Schaefer

    What could our common goal be at CCS? What would be enough to inspire us all?

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