‘My first impressions were that people are welcoming and that they want to interact. I want to learn how to communicate with new means and ways.’ -Rhyan

‘Culture shock. There are begging children and prayers. All of it is new and i am learning just from being here.’ Ashton

‘It is refreshing to be here and exciting. I love being with everyone in a new environment. It is so special to be back again. It is so different being a tourist here – people care to know you.’ Malaya

‘After four hours of sleep, I feel grateful for walking with a man on the beach from Mali. He was cool and inviting and interesting. I didn’t want to buy his things but he made an impression.’ -Nayyir

‘Overall, the people are friendly and respectful. I felt like everyone was kind of treated the same. We are all the same here – commonly linked by respect.’ -Darius

‘I am in shock – this is all a new reality. Playing with the kids at the beach, though, was like entering a brotherhood.’ -Jaylyn

‘Senegal is a place of contrast. Stray dogs, half built homes, women dressed in bright colors. It is warm and solemn at the same time.’ -Allison

‘I really liked the fruit for sale in towns. I liked the baskets on people’s heads. That was the best.’ -Jude

‘In my time here, I have never felt threatened by danger or theft. This is so different than other places I have traveled. Safety is the vibe.’ -Ruth

‘I am still adjusting to the large group being here. I gained independence before the group arrived and now I am adjusting.’ -Kwaku

‘I really enjoyed my morning walk the other day and advise the group to go out there and really experience this place on your own terms.’ -Britney

‘When I went on my workout adventure, three Senegalese men joined me. I was tired and passed out on the beach and everyone came and checked on me. It was funny – I was just tired – but I also felt so clearly that I am not alone.’ -Steven

‘I spent the day trying to think about differences with other places I have been. I like it here – I am happy!’ -Margaret

‘At first, I noticed that children seemed to be begging. Then I watched more closely and saw more universal similarities – kids giving each other wedgies and playing. It might have been shocking and sad at first but it was quickly familiar.’ -Erik

‘I really liked the baobab trees.’ -Sam

‘The first cup of Senegalese tea was transcendental.’ -Mr. Nelson

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  1. Dcola Avatar

    Workout Adventure. I am picturing the workout scene on the beaches around Dakar. Steven, way to go for it with the locals.
    Sam, agreed. They are magical.
    Happy New Year, Seahorses! It is 10 degrees out hear and waterfowl are thick.

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