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  • Women of Agora – A Senior Project

    Women of Agora – A Senior Project

    Hi all, Hannah, Blair, and I are seniors at Christchurch School. For our integrated senior project, we are working to give back to people who have become like family – the rural Himalayan community of Agora.  We want to bring light to the lives of the women in the village. The three of us will…

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  • This Lovely Thing—4 March

    This Lovely Thing—4 March

    By Caitlyn Waking up to a smoking volcano is an unusual site for a U.S. citizen; it was not an occurrence that was worrying or scary but more a part of this lovely thing called life. As the group and I pull up to Parque Hawaii I could smell the salt and I could hear the roar of…

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  • The Site

    The Site

    By Thomas We woke up fairly early today to a fantastic breakfast of eggs, avocado and toast made by our very own Coach Dehm, Ms. Sinnenberg and Ms. Forbes. We had to head out the door quickly so that we could make it to the FAFG Field Site and make it back to Antigua, Guatemala…

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  • 🇬🇹 + 🇺🇸

    🇬🇹 + 🇺🇸

    The final posts from students will appear later today after we have landed in Dulles and traversed those sweet rural roads to Christchurch. In the meantime, we wanted to let you know we are back in the U.S. and about to take off on our flight to Dulles.  This inaugural trip to Guatemala brought this…

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  • Big Talks 

    Big Talks 

    Nightly debriefs and discussions led by the leader of the day are an integral part of these international trips. They serve as mini capstones of the day’s adventures and experiences.  Today was a day of contrasts—an archaeological dig with FAFG and shopping in gorgeous Antigua—and our conversation tonight certainly reflected that range. We discussed everything…

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  • Apareciendo


    By Jack Imagine the unknown.  Unfortunately, it’s unimaginable to any degree of certainty. This is how the families of desaparecidos feel: confused and uninformed about the whereabouts of their loved ones, whether killed or disappeared during the Mayan genocide in Guatemala. The bodies were either dumped unceremoniously in mass graves or stored away inside the…

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  • Beauty—1 March

    Beauty—1 March

    By Parker After a very early morning at Samuc Champey we were all very sleepy and were not looking forward to the 3 hour car ride through Guatemalan backroads that was ahead of us. But it was far too beautiful to to sleep in the van, much like the rest of the city. It is…

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  • Antigua 


    Buen provecho! After a day of reflection, education, and contemplation at FAFG—no one in our group will forget today—we as a group have safely arrived in Antigua, a bustling, cobblestoned city that was once the capital of this amazing country.  Right now we are polishing off four delicious pizzas in an open air restaurant.  Que…

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  • Adventures


    By Steven Yesterday was really my kind of day: numerous adrenaline rushes, interacting with the locals, and moving outside our comfort zone. I am really grateful that we were able to go and tour the caves near Semuc Champey. These caves were similar to caves in America with stalactites and stalagmites, but there was some…

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  • Photos y Palabras: Iglesia—Cobán

    Photos y Palabras: Iglesia—Cobán

    Today we say goodbye to Cobán’s cardamom-scented air, big white churches, and extraordinary sights to head to Antigua. Our time in Cobán and Semuc Champay has ignited the adventurer, the questioner, and the snacker in all of us. As you might imagine of a place that actually smells like cardamom on the streets, pastoral beauties…

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  • mi casa es su casa—28 February

    mi casa es su casa—28 February

    by Ify Before we hit the road to Cobán, we enjoyed a final breakfast filled with fruits, chicharrones, black beans, plantains, juice, and fresh coffee with Meneses family. When we finished, we got in the van and began our long journey. On our way to Coban, we met up with Carlos and his family and…

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  • Photos—coffee farm, the revolutions festival, the coffee mill

    Photos—coffee farm, the revolutions festival, the coffee mill

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  • Coffee


    by Ugo First we started off the day with a traditional Guatemalan breakfast, and beans had a lot to do with it. Beef Tamales, lots of fruits, cookies and coffee. The coffee was from our hosts’ farm. We also had fresh cream and goat cheese made at the farm. We also had chicharones, and tostadas, which…

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  • Day 1—one cup of coffee

    Day 1—one cup of coffee

    You’ll hear from yesterday’s leader of the day later this afternoon, but for now I wanted to share some visuals from our amazing day tracking a cup of coffee from seed to mill (and some of us drinking a few cups of it ourselves).  

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  • Llegamos! 


    We’ve happily and safely arrived in Guatemala! Driving through empty city streets with our amazing hosts sharing stories and histories—and coming home to a delicious past-midnight snack—was a great way to end this day of travel. We are thrilled to be here.

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