By Parker

After a very early morning at Samuc Champey we were all very sleepy and were not looking forward to the 3 hour car ride through Guatemalan backroads that was ahead of us. But it was far too beautiful to to sleep in the van, much like the rest of the city. It is not hard to find beauty in the cities of Guatemala. Everywhere you look you see the simple things that make the city as beautiful as it is. Sometimes it comes in the form of a natural pool in the middle of the rain forest, or it could be as simple as talking to a group of local teens after an impromptu basketball game at Carlos’s old school. If there is one thing that I take away from this trip it would have to be how beautiful Guatemala is and how beautiful the people are. In the United States we live everyday overlooking the simple beauties of nature. After visiting a scrapyard right off of one of the main roads in Cobán, I noticed that people were actually living there but they were living and working together. That was what I took away from today, and that is what is keeping me looking forward to tomorrow and the next day. I hope to someday return to this beautiful city.

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  1. dpyles Avatar

    Parker (and all), thanks for all the recent posts. It seems like you all are having a great time and learning a great deal about our world. Your thought about the scrapyard reminds of some of my observations in India last year. Keep the adventures and thoughts coming – they are a great start to my day.

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