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Before we hit the road to Cobán, we enjoyed a final breakfast filled with fruits, chicharrones, black beans, plantains, juice, and fresh coffee with Meneses family. When we finished, we got in the van and began our long journey. On our way to Coban, we met up with Carlos and his family and continued our drive. When we finally arrived, we were greeted with a fantastic lunch that consisted of chicken, mashed potatoes, guacamole, and tortillas alongside a glass of rosa Jamaica. For dessert, we had a mixture of pineapple and marshmallows sort of soufflé.

When we finished lunch, we hopped on the van and headed to a historical church where we looked at many different memorials and talked about their history, as well as reflecting on our previous discussion about how we look at coffee now vs how we looked at it before we came on this trip. We also got a great view of the city.  When we finished, we drove down to the plaza and visited different shops while getting the chance to engage in Spanish speaking conversations with others. Our final stop was at a local restaurant where we enjoyed their magnificent tacos for dinner. Going through this whole day made me realize how big of an emphasis this country puts on hospitality. Pretty much the entire time I was at Carlos’s house, the words I heard were “mi casa es su casa” which means my house is your house. Overall, the day in Cobán is definitely a day that I will always remember.

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    Ify ,
    Love this post about hospitality! Well done!

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