By Steven

Yesterday was really my kind of day: numerous adrenaline rushes, interacting with the locals, and moving outside our comfort zone. I am really grateful that we were able to go and tour the caves near Semuc Champey. These caves were similar to caves in America with stalactites and stalagmites, but there was some major differences. Our guides were 16 and 17 years old who didn’t speak a bit of English. They allowed us to touch any of the formations that we wanted and took us on an adventure. This was really fun and fearless for me but it made realize how mentally strong some of my classmates were to push through tough conditions. When we got to our hotel, I immediately thought about Hawaii. We were at an eco lodge that only had power for a few hours a day. The roofs of our rooms were made of corn stalks, and it overlooked a beautiful river. The energy at the hotels definitely gave me a good vibe and peaceful feeling.

For the day, Semuc Champey was definitely the highlight. I had been looking forward to going to it for the entire trip. When I was there, I immediately thought of Christchurch’s sustainability triangle. Semuc Champey is controlled and protected by the government which provides safety and provided and economic boost to to the government. The nature and people tie into one bigger picture. The people really appreciate the natural beauty and the uniqueness of Semuc Champey. They don’t abuse it by littering or vandalizing it. I will always remember the beauty of Semuc, but most of all I’ll remember being with the five other guys and Coach Dehm, all of us guided around by a local who spoke the Mayan language, a little Spanish, and zero English. We made due though the language barrier and had a great time together. It really showed me that regardless of your race, color, or religion you can have fun and meet all different types of people.

“Let’s get together and feel all right.” Bob Marley

2 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. Steven,
    Great post – I learned about the trip, I learned about Semuc Champey, and I learned a little about you – “fun and fearless,” “my kind of day.” And thank you for bringing everything full circle for those of us who are here, at Christchurch (drinking coffee while reading your posts!), by using the sustainability triangle as a lens through which we can all see and understand.


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