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  • Women of Agora – A Senior Project

    Women of Agora – A Senior Project

    Hi all, Hannah, Blair, and I are seniors at Christchurch School. For our integrated senior project, we are working to give back to people who have become like family – the rural Himalayan community of Agora.  We want to bring light to the lives of the women in the village. The three of us will…

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  • More Photos

    More Photos

    As we return to our daily routines here at Christchurch School, I’m glad that I still get to see so many of these faces. Don’t worry— There are many more photos coming.  

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  • Digest


    By Weichen Zhao The trip to Senegal gave me an opportunity to think about my future plans with no distractions, but inspirations. I don’t really have anything to write. I’ve expressed much in daily discussions, which Mr. Alter and all the faculty members could prove true. Now is just the time to really ‘digest’ the…

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  • Some Pictures

    Some Pictures

    We are back on campus, and the stories are flowing in and out of classrooms, the dining hall and everywhere else that friends are reconnecting.  Though the trip is over, its impact will linger.  Here are some pictures to help us all remember moments from this excellent CCS adventure. (Please note that these are only…

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  • Endings


    By Lexy Carr The group went through many endings during this trip, leaving our hearts full of hurt and sadness as well as happiness and new knowledge that will affect us as students and people for the rest of our lives. We may be happy about ending the abrupt early mornings that the donkeys and…

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  • 🇧🇪 


    We are all safely in Brussels, enduring our layover as best we can (eating chocolate at 6:00AM est très difficile, by someone must do it).  Leaving Senegal was not easy. It holds onto our hearts in its own special way. Kecouta’s village, the seemingly endless feasts, and the adventures have touched us all. Our final…

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  • Joy


    By Caitlin O’Reilly When I think back to these past few days spent in Senegal, I am lost to find words to capture everything that I have seen and felt. From our first night in a luxurious house right next to the ocean and two nights on an island which felt like paradise, we finally…

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  • Home (a pre-thanksgiving reflection)

    Home (a pre-thanksgiving reflection)

    By Amanda Freeman When I told people I was going to Africa instead of traveling home to Florida, I got many mixed responses from my family and friends. They asked me, “why do you want to do this?” and “Won’t you miss your family? You haven’t been home since August.” First, I told them I…

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  • Bandia


    By Darius Tucker This won’t be the last time you see Bandia You really do care  There is always next year You knew this would happen, right? You will see him soon enough It is okay Remember this moment Let it sink in Let it go Don’t let this set you back We learn and…

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  • No Words

    No Words

    By Caleb Lewis Senegal is an amazing place. It can be calm, peaceful, yet dangerous in many different ways. That is what makes it unique. At daytime you hear children laughing and having fun, and at night you hear hyenas laughing, searching for food. I honestly didn’t know what to expect before coming on this…

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  • Question mark looks like a hook

    Question mark looks like a hook

    By Yujia Chen The bees don’t understand why the river keeps pouring water into their nest because they didn’t see me swaying the boat – blame it on God. You didn’t pray hard enough. No worries, for us, human, vini, vici, vichi. This trip, to me, is about acceptance, breaking down all the preconceptions and…

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  • African Animal Preconceptions 

    African Animal Preconceptions 

    By Hunter O’Malley During the safari a moral question came to me: is it responsible to play into U.S. American preconceptions about Africa rather than showing what Senegal is actually like? In the 1500 hectares enclosure, nonnative animal were kept in an environment where they do not naturally belong. To me it had an artificial…

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  • So Excited

    So Excited

    By Egecan Tezcan I was so excited to go to Africa because I was wondering what other Muslims do, their lives and their business, etc. It was our second day in Senegal and we went to Hakuna Matata. There we had a really good discussion about home. And the next morning I woke up with…

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  • On the Road

    On the Road

    We happy travelers are in this region’s capital city, Tambacounda, gassing up [and grabbing enough baguettes for the road] to make our way to Dakar.  We’ve had an incredible few days in the village, culminating in last night’s harvest celebration of mask and dance. You’ll hear from more students later today; they’re still polishing their…

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  • Moments 


    By Eva Jasinski  Moments are an interesting thing. They are almost impossible to capture in their unposed genuine state and even harder to recreate. But unique moments are what we live for, the ones that stick with us for the rest of our lives. This trip has been a constant continuum of those moments. Walking…

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