By Eva Jasinski 

Moments are an interesting thing. They are almost impossible to capture in their unposed genuine state and even harder to recreate. But unique moments are what we live for, the ones that stick with us for the rest of our lives. This trip has been a constant continuum of those moments. Walking out of the airport and seeing Charlie with the most ridiculous long braids that were made out of some sort of mysterious substance that was not hair. The first day Caitlin and I were called over by a man and asked to take his toddler son swimming. We each happily grabbed one of his hands and led him into the water, lifting him up as a big wave came. He was pretty iffy about the whole thing but his father thought it was hilarious and was having a blast. A few days later, at Hakuna Matata I swam with friends in a pool of bioluminescent algae that looked like the stars above our heads as we laughed and watched shooting stars. Even the time I went fishing in the mangroves and lost more bait than anyone but I still caught two fish. Then, every single moment spent with the people in the village we’ve been staying at for a few days. The little girl who followed me everywhere, Michael riding a donkey, and of course the food. I will never forget the time I walked down the road with friends and ended up in a random family’s compound. They had no idea who we were and we didn’t speak the same language but they immediately welcomed us and the mother allowed us to hold one of the sweetest babies I’ve ever met. I will definitely never forget the dance the villagers performed with us last night and then making sure we joined in. I am still processing how amazing that was and even with photographic evidence I’m not completely sure it wasn’t all a dream. The moments that stick with you are different for everybody but I know without a doubt that we all had a week full of incredible unforgettable moments. 

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  1. Mollie Avatar

    So refreshing to find and read your post amongst the Black Friday and Cyber Monday advertisements that crowd my inbox. It’s good to know that you are appreciating and living in the moments that make your life what it is; a little more real and a little more like a dream.

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