We have just wrapped up our first few hours in Guatemala and spirits are very high! Erin and Wesley served as our first student leaders and helped the group think about noticing the little things and framed tourism as a complicated issue to further explore.

Antigua is a fascinating and complicated entry point. It is beautiful and representative. It is also fake and misleading – a single narrative of the colonial era that many visitors think represents the essence of Guatemala. It is going to give us a lot to think about later on.

Anyway – more from the students soon!

2 responses to “Back in Guate!”

  1. cristobalito257 Avatar

    Missing Antigua! Savor every minute, señores!

  2. jbyersccs Avatar

    Be “all in” Seahorses. Wring it out, as Mr. Cola says. And drink it in! Be well, take care of each other, have fun, stay curious!

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