By Izzy Kiland

Today we woke up to a delicious breakfast – the breakfast consisted of eggs, fruit, and a variety of bread and pastries. After eating, everyone came to gather for our daily meeting.  In a span of 1-2 hours we had several positive Covid tests. While this was all happening, I was thinking about what I said earlier in the group discussion about when we were going to go out to the village. I said “people shouldn’t be focused on buying objects they should be more focused on the culture around them, what their life is and so much more”.

Due to COVID, we couldn’t get out today so I thought about what I could do, what could I learn and I remember Mr. Alter saying that Covid is a higher risk for these Guatemalan people because they don’t have enough money to get vaccines or have access to the same vaccines we have. So I thought that just today could be a learning experience knowing that somewhere in the world someone can’t pay for vacations like the one we were on. People couldn’t deal with the situation we were dealing with. Getting close to dinner, Michelle, Elif, Mom, and Mrs. Gidget were getting pizza for our dinner. While walking up to the pizza place, there Mrs. Gidget shared us a little quote that I will remember forever, the quote was “ if you have lemons made lemonade out of it”. This quotes means that if something is not going as expected make good out of it. This contributes so well to today because we had positive Covid tests but we are still having fun swimming with smiles on our faces, it might not be what we expected but it sure was a roller coaster of events.

What I learned from today is two things – one is that if something doesn’t go your way, make some fun out of it. And the last thing I learned is that many people don’t have enough money to get vacations or vaccinations or various things and that it is actually more and more common today because of Covid because no one got paid so now they don’t have enough money. There is so much to learn, even from the hard stuff. I can’t wait to keep going.

A normal day is the day you’re having. A not normal day is the same thing. No matter what, you can make lemonade.

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  1. Mollie Avatar

    Wise words from Ms. Gidget! It’s comforting to hear that you are gathering your thoughts around the impact of Covid on your trip, on the community around you and the broader world. It is possible for your heart to expand, even on the most normal of days. Thanks Izzy!

  2. Kathy Kauffman Avatar
    Kathy Kauffman

    Very insightful! Glad you are learning to look for the silver lining in the clouds that come your way!

  3. Gracie Wessinger Avatar
    Gracie Wessinger

    “A normal day is the day you’re having.” You have some wise words yourself, Izzy! Being present in the situation and “making lemonade” can be the difference between getting all you can out of an experience and feeling sorry yourself because it didn’t go the way it was “supposed to”. This is something I still have to work on sometimes!

  4. jbyersccs Avatar

    Izzy I love the zest for life that you are wringing out of a challenging time. You are right, sometimes we just have to make our own sunshine. Being empathetic for the situation others are in, as you make note of here, is one way to do that. You students may not know it, but most days, you all are the sunshine of Christchurch!

  5. Teresa Hinton Avatar
    Teresa Hinton


    I love your perspective on life. Make the best of everyday!
    I am so glad you enjoyed the food and I hope the pizza was delicious.
    It is interesting to me how the vaccination is not available to the people. I feel fortunate to have that option.
    Glad you and Michelle had many memories together. Teresa (Michelle’s mom)

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