We are on the way north to Washington, DC.  The buses are filled with all the necessities (and a few pounds of extras).  The adventure feels real, and the excitement is palpable.  We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.  For now, here are some quotes from Bus #4:

“Let’s go!  I’m ready!” – Mrs. Smiley

“Feeling anxious.  It feels surreal – fulfilling a lifelong dream.  Already very excited to be with students in a more organic and meaningful situation.” – Mr. Goodrich

“I need something beautiful.” – Evan Pausic

“I am looking forward to catching a GT.” – Brother

“I am looking forward to catching a bigger GT.” – Kieran

“I am ready to capture it all.” – Ellie

3 responses to “The Adventure Begins!”

  1. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    I’m so excited for all of you. I will be following and commenting on your every move. This is an annual highlight for me. Stay safe happy explorers.

  2. lesliemason75 Avatar

    “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

    …a little inspiration for page 1 of the journal

  3. scottie b Avatar
    scottie b

    A great adventure awaits I am sure. As with my experience last summer, india is real, and a place to discover yourself as well as new things. Enjoy. I will be excited to hear your stories when you return.

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