13 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea…

  1. As when Graham was in India 4 years ago with CCS, I wait with bated breath for each and every blog entry! Keep them coming and enjoy every moment!


  2. It is ironic that you titled your post “A Cup of Tea” and the Guatemala blog post was “A Cup of Coffee.” It made me think about the rituals associated with coffee/tea and how two cultures worlds apart assign intrinsic value to them. Rituals help to connect us to what is happening around us, to allow us to focus on the here and now; in other words to be present-not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, as well. I hope that you all experience that kind of connection while you are on this adventure.

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  3. Hello everyone from warm and sunny Christchurch – although not as warm as the Indian Ocean I am sure. I had a cup of chai this morning as I checked out the blog entries. Interesting that your peers over in Guatemala are taking in the coffee of that region – it seems like sharing drink with friends is common among cultures.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the adventures.

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