Spreading Smiles (Feb. 27th)

By Abby Blankenship

As we sat in the large bus labeled “TOURIST,” we looked in on the busy world around us –  the way an immature child might tap on the glass of a fish tank looking at the life of a different species.  We were fascinated with the differences.  Our narrow American minds didn’t allow us to see the various similarities of the mother selling flowers with her children in Lodi garden, or the middle-aged man visiting the barber on the side of the road, or the young girls zooming by on a rickshaw.  Their faces blurred by through the thick glass of the bus.  We judged this beautiful place because it is different.

Who are we to judge this colorful world?  My mind has been challenged to think deeply.  My soul has been awoken to the realization of worldwide similarities.  My body has experienced curry, naan and spice.

Thus far, I understand that India is not the same as America.  I also understand the similarities of humanity.  The similarities are there, but hidden.  If we expand our minds to view this beautiful culture with similarities in mind and no judgment, more smiles will be spread in place of judgmental stares.

Head-bob to the side = hello 🙂

5 thoughts on “Spreading Smiles (Feb. 27th)

  1. Very well thought out post, Abby! You’re on your way to an experience of a lifetime! Open minds and open hearts – those are the keys to experiencing this great adventure to the fullest!

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  2. Abby I am glad you are having similiar experiences as I did. Your reflection is spot on. Cautiously curious is a good way to travel.

    kal ka din aap kay leay achha ho

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  3. It is a small world after all… I know y’all are having a wonderful time and we are praying for your safety. Enjoy this wonderful experience: the food, the friends, and the fashion! People and places are the best experiences. I can not wait to see your pictures!


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