By Harold Pressley IV

Everybody sees different situations with different perspectives at different times throughout the day, however I noticed that the situations we have seen, all line up with the idea of respect. Now someone might point out a situation that stuck out to them and have zero intention to connect it to respect or awareness of one another, but in a big picture it does.

You’re walking a path of limited width through a street you don’t know the name of and pass about a few hundred people every minute. Every single city that I have visited would fall into chaos if there were that many people on a road as narrow as a 3rd grade single file line. Evidently, New Delhi does not descend so easily into chaos and it’s impressive how far it is away from being labeled as chaos at certain times. No one is entitled and no one judges another. That creates calmness.

Now, one can go surface level and point out the fact that New Delhi is made up of Indians who are probably from similar areas and state that as the reason why there isn’t any chaos in complicated situations. I don’t feel that is the answer as to why. I believe it is the way this non-diverse society is so externally aware of what is around them and so respectful of it that prevents chaos. The natural flow of the small street is evidence of this. People seemed to be aware of everyone around them, confident that it would work out, and everything would flow calmly.

In truth, the only reason I ask this question is because it draws a contrast in the society that I live in today. With only one day completed I feel as if the mental state that these people grow up in sets the environment and atmosphere different from the rest of the world, which is what ceases chaos.

I look forward to furthering my experience.

By the way, this wonderful, well-written post was completed the day we were all TIRED, which was after 36 hours of travel, FYI!

3 responses to “Perspective (Feb. 26th & 27th)”

  1. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    Way to go, Harold! It is indeed a well-written wonderful post! How observant you were (with only one eye open nonetheless!) to the total uniqueness of the society around you in a completely foreign (in every way) culture. Amazing how they make it work. Non-judgemental. We here in our society should START with that!

  2. Molly Avatar

    Beautifully written, B. It does almost remind me of walking in NYC although I’m sure it looked completely different. You and the group are having an experience that will add depth and layers to your world view and shape your priorities for a lifetime.

  3. pkempe Avatar

    Great post, B. I like how you zeroed in on one specific image—the crowded crazy alleys in Delhi—and thought a lot about what it was telling you. This is thoughtful and contemplative, and definitely earns bonus points for being produced during such an exhausting day.

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