By Sydney Pitts


As the waves crash ashore

they create an electric horizon

and imprint a culture of vibrancy.

The peace and serenity

of the beach seems untouchable.

Uncle Joseph is a model of selflessness.

We take so much –

we need so little.

This place is divergent and true.

The people here – they all move forward

but not to the same destination.

The sky – it is a collision

of haze and purpose…

Of humble awakenings.

A smile goes a long way.

We take risks that allow

us to divulge the truth.

We’ve learned to look up…

look up with our souls,

not our minds.

It is obvious that we do not belong,

yet we attempt to understand.

Nobody has a unique beginning.

We are not the same

but we are not so different…

I hear loud silence –

whispering the natural

sound of this culture.

This place deserves to be protected

but I fear it is changing.

We take ourselves wherever we go.

We must not simply exist,

but live.

5 responses to “We Must Live (Feb. 29th)”

  1. Paul Freeman Avatar
    Paul Freeman

    Sophmoric foolishness.

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  2. Cynthia Pitts Avatar
    Cynthia Pitts

    Sydney, your words are inspiring. Everytime I read your poems, I feel so proud of you and feel like I am able to live part of what you have been living. Your words provide the picture. We can all learn to look deeper into what we see. Thank you for teaching us a lesson!

  3. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    Excellent, Sidney! The manner in which you express yourself is impressive. You appear to understand what you are seeing and experiencing in a very unique way. And I commend you for it.

  4. Robin Avatar

    Wow – beautiful. I can almost see it myself.

  5. Maura Avatar

    Sydney—this is so beautiful.

    I know Uncle loved having all of you there, and these are lessons he (and others in India) can teach you that you can hold close forever.

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