A Day with Shiva (Mar. 7th)

March 7th was the beginning of the Shivyatri, an annual event in the Hindu calendar that celebrates Shiva, one of the religion’s most important gods.  All across India, people spent the day fasting and praying.  One of our students, Evan, decided to join the tradition.  The day was monumental for him (he describes it as one of the best of his life), and the experience clearly inspired reflection.

Here is what Evan wrote about the day:


High above

Doing the impossible work

catching rivers

wearing snakes around his neck

his soul

his true sight

his son’s head went rolling

by his feet

solitude is an ally

when fighting the real fight


Inspired      Cold     Cleansed     Clear

Mountain     River

Solitary     Suffering     Flying     Crying

Child     Star     Fire

Communal     Strange     Intense     Emotional


An empty stomach

blood pulsating

stone to be made

for the other

weak body

weak mind

strong in spirit

within the cold

he once caught

feeling a fragment

of what he has felt


And now you die

And now you cry

And now you fly


The gift of a god

the gift of giving



4 thoughts on “A Day with Shiva (Mar. 7th)

  1. Writing poetry is a great way to help you think about, and share, an experience. Thank you! (And the cool thing is, the poems you write about your fast next week, next month, and next year can be entirely different as well.)


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