Roaming & Haikus

Shaohan stayed in Agora when the group split in two.  He kept an active, introspective mind through various experiences and conversations in the village.  He also spent a lot of time thinking through writing.

Here are some of the results:



more like lost in the village

went to Balbir’s house

He is out

end up helping his wife

carrying hay down the hill

what a journey…



more like solving puzzles

randomly picked a road

found my way

to the educational destiny

doors are all locked

what a pity



more like navigating in the sea

so many options

in the mustard flower seed

smoke and fog on the other side of the mountain

where we came from

becomes vague

the only thing clear

is where we are going




Balance and calmness

pure eyes see through camouflage

birdwatcher Balbir


Sweet and warmhearted

brought back his only book from

City Dehradun


Brave and trustworthy

bird book shows his passion

he taught me to trust

One thought on “Roaming & Haikus

  1. Very interesting. Just somewhat random thoughts and reflections beautifully becoming the written word.
    Welcome Home!


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