By Shaohan Zhang

First time watching Mr. Cola fly-fishing was on the Havelock Island one early morning. I wrote down, “…misty fog covers the peaceful sea, even the tides stop to listen Mr. Cola’s swings. Toss and rotate. One, two, three. Toss out. The form looks like a solider dropping his gun to salute.”

Shaohan's journal

Ever since then, I wish to experience this sport, this art. This is the first time trying fly-fishing, second time trying fishing in general. I started off thinking it is a hard process.

Control the swings from ten to two o’clock and take time were the only principles. However finding the rhythm is hard. The author mentioned “four-count rhythm between ten to two o’clock” and “fly, transparent leader and the line” same as what we learned in class.

After a class period of practicing, my cast evolves from bird nest to relatively straight lines. I am thankful for this class of practice making me understands how fly-fishing works, getting me interested in fly-fishing and creating vivid images when I read the book, A River Runs Through It.

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