28 hours, 3 minutes

Diligently we packed our bags. Frantically we finished our homework. Stoically we endured yellow fever vaccinations [most of us didn’t cry, anyway—looking at you, Mr. Kempe].

We’re ready to go.

Tomorrow our team will board our noble CCS steeds [here’s to you, Bus 8], steadfastly persevere through any traffic, and board our flight to Dakar. We’re so excited.

Speaking of excited, we’re really glad you’re here. This blog will be your eyes and ears as we experience the arenaceous soil, the djembe beats, and the thiéboudiène that make Senegal so special. Experiencing this place through our words is almost as good as going yourself.

Most of the time we’ll be able to steadily update this blog, but sometimes our Internet might be unreliable. We are adventuring, after all. Don’t fret. We’ll keep you in the loop as often as possible.

Thank you for following along with us. And, thank you to our families who are sacrificing time, money, and energy so we can see a West African sunset, explore the connections between Senegal and the U.S. [and the world, really], and find means of communicating that transcend language. In this time of thanksgiving, we have a great deal to feel grateful about.

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