We have spent today soaking up this new place. Like anything special, words are totally insufficient. But, we’ve got to try, right?

After landing in Dakar we feasted on pain au chocolat right under Dakar’s lighthouse, simultaneously overlooking the western most point of Africa and the African Renaissance statue. Then we wired—not weary—travelers hopped in our buses and circled our way through the city’s roundabouts, discussing everything from solar energy to our next meal. We departed the baobab speckled highways, trading them for a bright red, hard packed soil road that led to our home for tonight: a beach front villa that none of us will ever forget [nor will you after you see our photos]. 

This afternoon we played beach soccer with locals and swam on this side of the Atlantic. It was perfect. 

More later [and you’ll hear from students soon, don’t fret]. We are about to eat a traditional Senegalese chicken dish for lunch. It smells like home and not at the same time. 

I’m sure someone will let you know all about it. This group has already bonded over true love for food. 

2 responses to “YES! [oui!]”

  1. Natasha Herring Avatar
    Natasha Herring

    Have a great time guys! I’ve been worried sick not hearing from anyone. Glad to know all is good & the trip is going well. I will now call off the international detectives that about 40 of my family & friends has enlisted to find y’all!

    Upload more pics please!

    Au revoir!!

    1. Maura Avatar

      I’ll definitely upload photos when we have a stronger internet connection. We’ll be in the bush for the next few days, so our connection is a bit tenuous! Everyone is happy and safe, though.

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