Sine Saloum – Hakuna Matata in the Mangroves

The Sine Saloum Mangrove Delta is one of Senegal’s iconic protected areas.  It protects an incredible diversity of fish, mammals, birds and flora.  It is also home to communities that have relied on the area’s natural resources for hundreds of years.  These remote outposts are home to traditional ways of life that are found in few other places on earth.

As we entered the Saloum, we made contact with familiar and friendly faces (a pirogue driver who Mr. Alter has known for almost 15 years, the French manager of our lodge, Olivier, and more) and found familiar numbers of oysters, fish and much more.  We ate a delicious dinner.  We had many discussions.  It has already been a great opportunity to think.

The first student-written blog posts will be up shortly!

Until then, Hakuna Matata!!!

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