By Sydney Pitts

i am awake

and aware of the presence 

of color. 

white butterflies fly over 

the red earth-

two forms of purity;

one known and one natural. 

connections of passion

enhance the soul…

the pathway to understanding. 

the sky bleeds into the sea

creating a horizon outlined 

by immensity. 

nature is upon us

and we are becoming one. 

shoulder to shoulder we stand,

embracing confusion to uncover the beyond. 

i float toward the stars

with wide eyes and a humbled mind. 

the spirit of the land:

never consuming, always present. 

there is a consistency of laughter. 

happiness is not defined as a feeling,

as it is a state of being portrayed by color. 

our colors combine to contribute 

to the gradient of hues 

that compose the world. 

i am awake because 

the vibrancy limits sleep.

we are present…

all children of this earth. 

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