After twelve hours in air, we have safely arrived in Abu Dhabi. I’ll tell you what, we have some champion sleepers on this team. Austin won, though, as she slept a whopping nine hours on the first leg. The food on the flight was delicious, and the movie selection was quite impressive. 

We have a bit of time here to freshen up before we board our flight to Delhi. Our spirits are high; our excitement is still palpable. 

We’ll talk to you soon! Thank you for following along. 

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  1. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    “Watched” you land in real time! I love Flightaware! One long leg down…many still to go. I’m excited for all of you. At some point I’d be interested to know which students are on the trip for the first time…just a list of names as I’ll be particularly interested to read their posts. Thanks Maura. God bless….

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