Some Notes for the Next Few Days

Namaste, jis!

Your intrepid travelers have asked that I update you with a few notes:

We are going to the land of limited internet and certainly no wifi. Please don’t fret if you don’t hear from us daily. We are safe and together—just having an off-the-grid adventure. 

Everyone is having a ton of fun and LOVING the food. 

There’s lots of love and goodness in this group. We are thinking of those back home, but living in the moment. 

We’ll talk to you soon. 

5 thoughts on “Some Notes for the Next Few Days

  1. Sounds exciting! We really appreciate hearing all the great news and your frequent adventure updates. It has been nice. Thank you. I’m sure everyone is having a blast. As I write this late Saturday night you guys are probably already thinking about lunch on Sunday. Have a great rest of your day… as I get ready to sleep.


  2. Maura – Knowing you are so excited to see all your wonderful friends in Agora – kinda like going home to your second home! Thanks for your many EXCELLENT posts thus far keeping us all very up-to-date as your journey progresses. Will look forward to hearing from you when you can. Meanwhile, enjoy every moment and be safe.


  3. We are enjoying all of the posts! Maura, could you tell Jack that his opinion piece on Bay legislation was published in the Virginia Gazette on Saturday. We were thrilled to see it and know he will be too.

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