By Austin May

Winding paths, up and down. 

Above blue skies and snowy caps. 

Valleys so deep and mountains so high. 

Himalayas full of life. 

Birds chirping left and right. 

Terraces on top of terraces. 

Walking in the steps of those before us. 

Feeling connected to their lives. 

As we reach Agora we are no strangers. 

The at home feeling is so unreal. 

The taste of chai so sweet. 

The sound of moos and barks. 

Children laughing and playing. 

Nails being painted. 

Duck, duck, goose played by all. 


The smell of burning sticks. 

The trickle of the rain from the gods. 


11 responses to “Agora ”

  1. SSchmidt Avatar

    Agora sounds wonderful! Enjoy

  2. jbyersccs Avatar

    Very nice, Austin. Early spring in the Himalayas must be beautiful in all directions.

  3. jrhomer Avatar

    Beautiful, Austin! Your carefully chosen words help me see. Enjoy every minute!

  4. Sibby Wilson Avatar
    Sibby Wilson

    Beautiful Austin – I look forward to every post – you guys totally brighten my day. 🙂

  5. Linda Fisher Avatar
    Linda Fisher

    Austin, my sweet granddaughter , what a precious poem. I miss you & love you. But so proud of you for taking such an amazing journey with your fellow CCS FRIENDS.
    Be safe!!

  6. abigailcola Avatar

    We feel like we are right there with you!! Thank you for this poem. Teal wants to know if there are any puppies in Agora right now?

    1. Maura Avatar

      There are! And they’re adorable. We will share photos when we can.

  7. Robin Tanner Avatar
    Robin Tanner

    Austin, talk about having a way with words! That was a beautiful poem, I felt like I could hear the tree branches snapping under your feet. The fact that you feel so connected to the people, making you feel welcome is amazing. This is a life experience you won’t soon forget. Continue to be safe.
    Robin & Bob

  8. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    Wonderful, Austin. You captured every facet of happiness in Agora. What a awe inspiring place it must be. I’ve seen many pictures of it over the years CCS has visited and you put those pictures into words. Perfect!

  9. Shelly Fisher Avatar
    Shelly Fisher

    I could hear the dogs and the birds, smell the fire, and feel the rain. What a great read after a long day of work and a reflection on the simplicity of life. Thank you! Travel safe and miss you!

  10. Caitlin O'Reilly Avatar
    Caitlin O’Reilly

    Go roomie go!!!! I miss you and everyone so much – love this poem austie!!! It makes my day getting to read all these posts. Sad I couldn’t be there but I am so excited to hear all the stories when we all return. Have a great rest of the trip <3

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